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We tested every of our products before we promote it to our customers. Every product come with warranty. We sell other fuel saver product at special price to our Stromberg Power Booster customers.
Intelligent Fuel Charger (I-FC)
We are using the strongest magnet in the world to charge and ionize fuel to be fed to combustion devices we can ensure more complete combustion, obtaining a maximization of the fuel economy, improving the fuel efficiency and reducing polluting emissions.
Stromberg Power Booster
A device that install in between the spark plug cable to increase the fire power before entering the spark plug. Made in Germany. Proven safe fuel and boost power. Certified by Bosch Electro in Germany and Automobile Association of Germany.
Intelligent Voltage Stabilizer (I-VS)
This product is built to assuring full range RPM torque and improved acceleration both in street and circuit use. With the high quality components in this device, it enhances your car's audio, lamps and all other electrical equipments to their maximum potential.
Advance Grounding Cable (AGC)
AGC provides a direct ground path from the battery negative to the car's engine, chassis and body, greatly improving your car's electrical system. The 99.99% pure copper wires have less impedance than the factory ground system, greatly improving electrical flow throughout the car, and preventing electrical power loss. Experience smoother idling, a decrease in stereo noise, better gas mileage, and numerous other benefits.
Ignition King Number 1 (IK-1)
A device that connect to the coil to increase the fire power before entering the plug cable. Made in Malaysia. Works better if install with Stromberg Power Booster. Compatible with most of the petrol engine. Compatible with all the BMW and Mercedes petrol engine that running with ignition coil.
NGK Iridium IX Spark Plug
The latest NGK iridium spark plug is proven to help save more fuel and improve overall performance if install with RAM 10.0mm Quadcore™ high performance plug cable. Additional Stromberg Power Booster and Ignition Earth will be added advantages. Designed specifically for the performance enthusiast. Iridium IX offers extreme ignitability, improved throttle response and superior anti fouling.

High Performance Plug Cable
Oversized construction offers increased voltage handling advantages for optimum performance under extreame and demanding condition. Our RAM 10.0mm Quadcore™ works perfectly with Stromberg Power Booster.

A-Pholon Battery Additive
An additive for liquid type lead acid battery to enhance the power and prolong the life span. Chemical fully imported from japan and packing in Malaysia. This chemical has been patented in the US and won the Nagoya City Technology award in 1995.
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