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is an additive for liquid type lead acid battery to enhance the power and prolong the life span. Chemical fully imported from japan and packing in Malaysia. This chemical has been patented in the US and won the Nagoya City Technology award in 1995.

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A-Pholon Battery Additive Introduction
Battery Additive, a fuel saving possibility
There are many gadgets and additives that can be used to improve fuel economy in an engine, but to do so with
a battery is revolutionary !!
a-PHOLON BLACK CB-103 is an award winning, patented, scientific breakthrough in lead-acid battery technology.
It is designed for all wet type lead acid batteries, both new and used. Its main component is modified and reformed
carbon in colloidal suspension. This carbon is doped into the active materials of the battery plates upon charging the
battery with this additive.

Most batteries fail because of "SULPHATION". a-PHOLON is the only additive that can RECYCLE this sulphate
non-destructively back to active materials in the battery to produce electricity. Others will dissolve or react with the
lead sulphate to produce a sludge which drop out of the plate. Hence active materials are lost forever.

1. a-PHOLON doubles the service life of a new battery.$$$$$$$$
2. Increases capacity(Ah), just like having another battery in parallel. A small 35Ah battery is enabled to crank a
6,500 cc diesel engine without any problem.
3. Improves cold cranking amps(CCA) for better starting in winter at temperatures of minus 20 degrees centigrade.
4. Extends the reserve capacity - gets you home even when others fail
5. Prevents self discharge, implying longer shelf life up to 6 months.
6. Better charging efficiency prevents overcharging
7. No overcharging means no electrolyte losses, thus less maintenance.
8. Overcharging exerts unnecessary load on the alternator which will sap power from the engine. Removal of overcharging
can reduce fuel consumption by up to 20% as well as preventing acid splash and subsequent loss of electrolyte.
10. A-Pholon is patented in US, Japan, China, Italy,....
11. A-Pholon was voted the best of the best Japanese patents of 1998.
12. A-Pholon's efficacy is acknowledged by battery manufacturers and its use is strongly recommended.

An automatic charger stops charging when it senses the pre-set cut-off voltage. If the battery condition is poor, it is unable
to attain this cut-off voltage. The electricity is then used to electrolyse the water to hydrogen and oxygen. In motor vehicles,
the engine is thus loaded unnecessarily by the alternator. If this overcharging and gassing is not stopped, the battery may
fail prematurely. An indication of this condition is black deposits on the inside base of the filler caps and acid splash around
the filler caps. In extreme cases, corrosion marks on the bonnet and surrounding areas. Fuel is wasted as the alternator
absorbs up to 8hp in an ordinary car. a-PHOLON can stop this.

A-Pholon has
Won the Nagoya City Technology award in 1995
Obtained US Patent 5,677,075 on Oct,14,1997
Also Taiwan, Italian and Japanese (No. 2736243) Patents
Was selected the best patent filed in Japan from April-August 1998
Performance tested by the Standards & Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM) to show that actual capacity
increases by >70% .
EXTRACTS from the US patent document states that :-
The formulation is activated carbon modified by electrochemical processes to obtain the carboxyl groups which are then
doped into the positive plates of the battery. The effects are (i) high charge current without the high temperature rise, (ii)
high discharge current (iii) increase lifetime of battery. Overall high performance.

While other sulfation remedies actually dissolve the lead sulfate out of the plates and sludge it away to the bottom, A-Pholon
removes the sulfate non-destructively by promoting the revertion of PbSO4 back to PbO2 upon charging the battery. No
loss of active materials in the plates. The coating of the carboxyl groups on the grids also stops corrosion and migration of
the antimony from the positive plates to the negative plates. Antimony in the negative plate mass will cause high gassing rate
and the corresponding high electrolyte loss.

75% of battery fails prematurely due to sulfation. The battery is a storage tank for electrical energy which reacts chemically to produce electricity on demand. The end product is lead sulfate which will crystalize if the battery is not recharged promptly after usage. Thus, the storage capacity of the battery decreases. A-PHOLON is the only product that can recycle this sulfation back to active materials NON DESTRUCTIVELY.

Pictures below shows that the result of sulphation after battery used for 8 months. Sulphation causes the battery to overcharge and spurts electrolyte all over the vicinity.
Note the advance stage of corrossion on the bodywork. The rectangular plastic gadget fits over the battery caps to prevent the acid splashing upwards, but what does not go up, went sideways!

The below picture shows that the new battery after used for 8 months with A-Pholon:-

Experiment I
Dry charged motorcycle battery (6V, 4Ah) was tested for the capacity and cycle life with and without
a-Pholon Black CB-103. The batteries were discharged and charge at 0.5C. (2Amp) up to 200 cycles.
Fig 1 shows the results. With the 5% additive (a-Pholon CB-103), the capacity was remained 2Ah,
but without the additive, the capacity decreased to below 1.0Ah.

Fig 1. Cyclability Improvement at 25 °C

Experiment II
12 Volt-4Ah batteries were tested with a-Pholon Black at 60 °C. The discharged was carried out through
3 ohm (almost 1C rate) and the charge was 0.25C up to 100 cycles. The results are shown in Fig. 2A and
2B. It is very clear from Figs. 2AB that our a-Pholon Black CB-103 is very effective for these motor cycle
batteries (made in South East Asia).

Fig 2A. Cycle Characteristic of the original Motorcycle Battery at 60 °C

Fig 2B. Cycle Characteristic of the Motorcycle Battery with a-Pholon at 60 °C

Certified by SIRIM

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