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A-Pholon Battery Additive
is an additive for liquid type lead acid battery to enhance the power and prolong the life span. Chemical fully imported from japan and packing in Malaysia. This chemical has been patented in the US and won the Nagoya City Technology award in 1995.

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·  Doubles the service life of new battery
·  Increases the capacity (AmpHour) by > 50%, a    definite plus for solar panels, electric vehicles and    forklifts
·  Improves the cold cranking amperes (CCA) for    better starting power in winter, even at minus 20    deg. C
·  Better reserve battery capacity
·  Low self discharge rate means longer shelf life.    Especially useful for seasonal use machineries like    farm harvester, recreational & pleasure crafts and    leisure vehicles
·  Low water/electrolyte losses from overcharging.    Practically maintenance free
·  High charge efficiency reduces unnecessary    charging by the alternator, hence less load on the    engine. Saves fuel by as much as 10% when    compared with a badly sulfated battery
·  5 minutes installation.


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