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A-Pholon Battery Additive
is an additive for liquid type lead acid battery to enhance the power and prolong the life span. Chemical fully imported from japan and packing in Malaysia. This chemical has been patented in the US and won the Nagoya City Technology award in 1995.

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Feedbacks from customers
The below is what our customers told us after they use A-Phlon that installed by us:-

Car: Proton Satria GTI 1.8 DOHC Manual
Feedback: My car has 2 pcs of power-amp, 1 pc of 15" rockford Fosgate sub woofer, 2 pairs of JBL 6" component sets, 1 pc of preamp, 1 pc of head unit and 1 pc of line driver for in-car-entertainment (ICE). I pump the ICE without idling the engine for 15 minutes. The SPL and SQ is still very good. I still can start the car without any problem. My car is only using 1 60ah wet cell battery. This is amazing. Very good product.

Car: Honda NSR150r 150cc
Feedback: It made my bike's headlight more brighter. Good product. The battery is already using for 14 months and it is still good.

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