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Intelligent Voltage Stabiliser (I-VS)
is a device that work to stabilise the car's electrical voltage and ensure they work at their optimum performance. It comes with 3 pcs of 8awg high quality OFC Advance Grounding Cable (AGC).

·   Intro
·   How to know your car is compatible

·   How to install on motorbike
·   How to install on car

·   Price
·   Feedbacks from customers
·   How to buy Intelligent Voltage Stabiliser
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·  Increase torque
·  Improve fuel economy
·  Improve engine response
·  Stabilize Idling
·  Quick engine start
·  Smoother engine running
·  Lesser engine noise
·  Increase headlight brightness
·  Prolong battery life
·  Improve audio quality
·  3 minutes installation for IVS*
·  15 minutes installation for 3 pcs of ACG**

* Intelligent Voltage Stabiliser
** Advance Grounding Cable


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