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Stromberg Power Booster
a device that install on the spark plug to increase the fire power before entering the spark plug. Made in Germany. Proven safe fuel and boost power. Certified by Bosch Electro in Germany and Automobile Association of Germany. Click below for your require information.

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How to install on car
First, we teach you how to cut the plug cable in proper way. The below pictures and latest instructions are for your attention.

1. Get ready plug
cable and Stromberg

2. use a paper
cutter and cut the
plug cable 6" from
the distributor cap

3. make sure you
cut the plug cable in
90 degree

4. take off the
Stromberg cap

5. prepare a pen

6. mark the plug
cable end by pen on
the maximum
Stromberg can
screw in to avoid
over screw

7. do the same on
the other end

8. check the marking

9. closer look of the

10. slot in the
Stromberg cap into
plug cable

11. screw in the plug
cable into

12. closer look after
screw in

13. slot the
Stromberg cap into

14. do the same on
the other end. now,
it is ready to plug in
to the engine.

Note: Stromberg is only compatible with any kind of plug cable sizes from 6mm to 9mm.
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