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Stromberg Power Booster
a device that install on the spark plug to increase the fire power before entering the spark plug. Made in Germany. Proven safe fuel and boost power. Certified by Bosch Electro in Germany and Automobile Association of Germany. Click below for your require information.

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How to install on bike
We are supplying the Stromberg for small bike at RM139 with a 2 inches Quadcore 10mm high performance plug cable with plug cap for extention so you no need to cut your bike's plug cable. The below pictures and instructions are for your attention.

1. This is the 2" plug
cable supply by us

2. this is the look of
you bike's plug cable
and plug cap

3. take off your
plug cap from your
spark plug, then
losen out the plug
cap from the plug

4. this is the view of
plug cap

5. screw the new
plug cable with

6. screw the
stromberg with the
other end

7. connect the plug
cap to the plug

Note: Stromberg is only compatible with any kind of plug cable sizes from 6mm to 9mm.
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