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Intelligent Fuel Charger (I-FC)
is a latest technology that work to charge the fuel before going into combustion. It is tested in normal car, turbo car, diesel car, motorbike and Storm V6, results are superior and very satisfied with every user. Although the material is hazardous, but 0% side effect to the car.

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Intelligent Fuel Charger (I-FC) Introduction
The I-FC magnetic fuel saver is designed to condition the fuel prior to combustion to increase power output, save fuel, and reduce emissions.

The combustion process of fuel produces energy (heat & power), hydrocarbons (the unburned and waste fuel) and pollutant gases. Factors affecting the efficiency of combustion, and therefore the output of the engine or apparatus being fuelled, include the quality of the fuel, the quality of the air and the ratio of fuel to air.

In a similar way that water conditioned by heat (hot water) carries more energy and mixes with other substances more readily than cold water, fuel conditioned by a strong magnetic force carries more energy and mixes more readily with air resulting in a more complete combustion i.e. more energy and less waste from the same amount of fuel.

This process is known as Ionization by Magnetic Induction (IMI). The results of laboratory testing on petrol and diesel engines fitted with an I-FC product confirm the positive benefits of financial savings, improved performance and dramatically reduced pollutant emissions being enjoyed by users world wide.

The outstanding success of I-FC when compared to other IMI products is attributable to the unique Central Reverse Polarity magnetic field designed and researched specially by I-FC. This field, applied to the fuel, promotes superior conditioning through increased electron agitation.
Most customers report fuel savings of between 5-20% for vehicles and up to 30% for heating boilers, a cleaner combustion area, and better performance.

Our competitors are using pencil box magnet (Ferrite) and sell it to you at RM399 while it can't work for your car
We use 9,000 Surface Gauss I-FC, Heat and Corrosive Resistant(HCR), Hazardous, the world strongest magnet

Check out the dyno result here

I-FC version 1.0
Low cost installation with using good card board as the holder finished with Japanese black tape and France high tension tape.

I-FC version 1.1
This I-FC is holding by aluminium casing to force I-FC standing straight on 180 degree in order to obtain best efficient. A lot better cosmetic look than version 1.0. However, France high tension tape is still using to tie the aluminium casing as finishing. A lot easier during installation. Additional RM50 or USD15 for every stage. Although additional cost for this version, but it is still the cheapest and best magnetic fuel charger in the world that works which using good material as finishing, unlike others which using low grade plastic cover and cable ties (cable ties may cracked after 6 months in engine bay temperature) as finishing and selling at over USD100. However, we stop producing this version due to the successful and reduction cost of version 1.2.

I-FC version 1.2
This I-FC is holding by aluminium casing to force I-FC standing straight at 180 degree in order to obtain best performance. It look more advance than version 1.1. Stainless steel screws are use to tighten the aluminium casing. The reason we keep this version as Prototype is because of higher cost but work same as version 1.1. Due to the high demand and mass production of this version, our cost for its aluminium casing drop to as same price as version 1.1.

I-FC version 1.2 Spec V
According to the feedbacks from the users and dyno result, using 2 sets of I-FC 1.2 at the same time in parallel (estimation) proven to reduce more fuel and improve overall performance. Therefore we name this version as 1.2 Spec V (V means 2 and victory). With the discovered of this version, our sales volume for the I-FC 1.2 increase 70%.

I-FC version 1.2 Spec R
According to the feedbacks from the users and dyno result, using 3 sets of I-FC 1.2 at the same time proven to improve accerelation. The fuel saving is similar with I-FC 1.2. We found that this version is suitable for racing. Therefore we name this version as 1.2 Spec R (R means Racing).

I-FC version 1.2 Spec VAC
Due to the high demand of 1.2 Spec V, we have implemented this version for the easier and with accuracy in Parallel (no more using estimation) to install both sets of I-FC 1.2 on the fuel hose. Although our cost for this aluminium casing is more expensive, we are maintaining its price with Spec V. VAC means victory of 2 I-FC 1.2 with more accuracy.

I-FC version 1.3 (Prototype)
This version is using the same design and material with 1.2 except the painting and the laser marking. The laser mark on top of the alumium casing is "I-FC 1.3" while the bottom is "Malaysia". There are 3 colours for your desire: Gold, Blue and Black. The additional price for each of this version 1.3 shall be USD8 from version 1.2.

·  0% side effect to your car
·  Save fuel by around 10% in the city driving
·  Save fuel by around 30% in the speedway driving
·  Improve engine power
·  Improve engine response
·  Increase torque
·  Stabilize Idling
·  Improve engine start
·  Smoother engine running
·  Lower engine noise
·  Decrease exhaust emmission
·  Decrease air and noise pollution
·  Decrease engine vibration
·  Increase lifespan of Catalytic Converter
·  Increase lifespan of starter
·  Increase lifespan of spark plug
·  Increase lifespan of engine mounting
·  Increase lifespan of pistons
·  Prolong engine lifespan
·  Lower engine temperature
·  Quicker engine warm up
·  Compatible with petrol, gas and diesel
·  5 minutes installation*
·  Lifetime Warrantee**

* Depends on the supply fuel hose position
** Terms and conditions apply
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