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Intelligent Fuel Charger (I-FC)
is a latest technology that work to charge the fuel before going into combustion. It is tested in normal car, turbo car, diesel car, motorbike and Storm V6, results are superior and very satisfied with every user. Although the material is hazardous, but 0% side effect to the car.

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Feedbacks from customers
Car: Honda Prelude 2.2 VTEC DOHC using I-FC Spec R
Feedback: Thumbs up for this product. Ron, i dont think i have to Dyno my car, CONFIRM there is improvement. I usually fill up full tank at 300-320km but this time i could drive until 360km and I know can reach 400km wann its just my feet abit heavy after you installed the I-FC Spec R. The car felt more lighter and easier to move and VTEC open hhmmmmm yum yum jalan only no stop.
Press little bit, move alot. Its all i can say about I-FC Spec R.
Not bad at all this product. normally i would see how good the FC by the first bar of my fuel meter. Since i always pump to full on a standard basis i think the info i about to give is fairly accurate.
First time buy car: 35km first bar gone
After recon everything back to ori spec: 50km first bar gone on Projet fuel
After put Nology Power Core, Apexi Filter, NGK Iridium: 55km first bar gone on Petronas primax 3 fuel
After do engine decarbonizing: 62km first bar gone on Shell Super (after world record announcement)
After install I-FC Spec R: 72KM!!!!!! first bar gone. I currently had the 3 I-FC's placed together to give more intensed effect instead of putting 1 at each end and 1 more in the middle for overall effect. After a few more rounds of test's i will post results for "Intensed" and "Overall"
But one thing for sure is now i press little bit my car move a lot. Response really improved.

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