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Intelligent Fuel Charger (I-FC)
is a latest technology that work to charge the fuel before going into combustion. It is tested in normal car, turbo car, diesel car, motorbike and Storm V6, results are superior and very satisfied with every user. Although the material is hazardous, but 0% side effect to the car.

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Feedbacks from customers
Car: BMW 318 E30 Manual year 1990
Feedback: Before I bought I-FC, I am using magnetic fuel saver which bought from Ebay for RM100. It was never perform anything even already install for more than 3 months already. The seller in Ebay keep asking me have to wait another weeks or months only will make some difference. But at the end, still the same. Then Ron told me that the I-FC has launched and I am also give a try on it. I took out the existing magnetic fuel saver as instructed by Ron. I ask Ron, since this big size magnetic fuel saver from the Ebay cannot work, so I don't think this tiny I-FC will work as well. After Install the I-FC, I test drive my car. Yes, the performance is obviously better now. The pick up is awesome and the engine sound become very smooth and engine noise become lower. The different is more than Stormberg that I install before. I will surely intro more people to buy this product from Ron. As other user say, "Tiny product bring huge impact, amazing!", is true. My face full of smile after tested the car with I-FC installed.

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