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Oversized construction offers increased voltage handling advantages for optimum performance under extreame and demanding condition. Work well with Stromberg Power Booster.

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How to install on car
1. Make sure the engine is stop for more than 1 hour. Take the car key out from the car.
2. Get ready 8mm and 10mm socket wrench (certain cars do not need this tool).
3. Dismantle the engine and plug cable cover by using 8mm or 10mm socket wrench (certain cars no need do this).
4. Replace the plug cable with 1 by 1, do not take out all the existing plug cable at once as there is a sequence for the plug cable.
5. Do not pull the plug cable by holding the cable. Pull the plug cable by holding the connector or cap.
6. Install the plug cover and engine cover (certain cars no need do this).
7 . Once finish the installation, check is there any tools that left on the engine bay. Housekeeping is very important.
8 . Start the engine. If the engine is not jerking when idling means the sequence is ok.

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