Stromberg Power Booster
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Stromberg Power Plus
New High Performance Plug Cable
Oversized construction offers increased voltage handling advantages for optimum performance under extreame and demanding condition. Work well with Stromberg Power Booster.

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·   How to install on car

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·  Save fuel by around 2% in the city driving
·  Save fuel by around 5% in the speedway driving
·  Improve engine power
·  Improve engine response
·  Increase torque
·  Stabilize Idling
·  Improve engine start
·  Smoother engine running
·  Lower engine noise
·  Decrease exhaust emmission
·  Decrease air and noise pollution
·  Decrease engine vibration
·  Increase lifespan of Catalytic Converter
·  Increase lifespan of starter
·  Increase lifespan of engine mounting
·  Lower engine temperature
·  Quicker engine warm up
·  5 minutes installation*
·  1 year Warrantee**

* Depends on the plug cable position
** Terms and conditions apply


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