From the creator of the most favourite automobile website in Malaysia, now bringing you the new Malaysian Audi website with great pictures and useful info. Thanks to Mr. Michael Ooi for the cooperation and permission.
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Audi now delivery more and more new and competitive model to suit for today needs and to replace other luxury cars in Malaysia. More and more great Audi showroom also created throughout in Malaysia. This is proving that the upper level of Malaysian citizen start realising the advantage of Audi to achive the daily needs especially in safety.

The audi created the Multitronic generation of continuosly variable transmission combines, for the first time, the advantages of a manual transmission and even surpasses both these concepts in terms of fuel consumption, handling and comfort. The only difficult thing about multitronic is the choice you have to make: whether to enjoy convenience and confort throughhout your journey, or experience the fun of changing gear yourself.

The Audi A4 protects all passengers with driver and front passenger frontal and side airbags and SIDEGUARD head airbag curtain for front and rear passengers. The airbag technology complements the side-on collision absorbing aluminium beams in all four doors and bodyshell reinforcemenrs at the B post.

The all new A6 now in Penang for view and test drive. More and more Malaysian higher level citizen choosen this model in order to enjoy more comfirtable and performance. The safety features are always the priority in this series.
The all new Audi technology, 2.0TFSI unit combines the benefits of economical FSI technology with the dynamics of turbocharger. You feel the result with the slightest tap on the accelerates the A4 from 0-100KMH in just 7,3 seconds, helping you arrive at your destination that much faster. Boosted by the turbocharger, the engine develops an impressive 147KW and surging torque of 280Nm - a level of pulling power as yet characteristic only of modern Diesel power units.

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