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Advance Grounding Cable (AGC)
is the highest quality grounding cable for car in the market today. It is to replace the stock grounding cable in order to produce better flow of the electrical current back to the battery negative terminal, via the lower resistance paths in your car.

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Advance Grounding Cable (AGC)
Everything involving the electrical systems in your car requires a free flow of electrons to (+ve) and from (-ve) the battery. Good electrical performance requires a grounding system that is able to take a lot of current with minimal resistance. Your spark plugs, lights, fans, in-car entertainment components, air conditioner, power windows, cigarette lighter, etc. all work on a complicated electrical network that includes fuses, relays, and electrical cabling and they all share a common ground.

Almost everything that is powered electrically in your car is grounded to the frame or the body of the car. These are called "grounding points" and serve to complete the power loop for sending electricity around within the car. Example: current from the positive wiring from the positive terminal of the battery, or fuse box, travels to a light bulb. Once the current has passed through the filament of the light bulb, it passes through the housing of the light bulb and grounds to the frame. The negative battery terminal is also grounded to the frame, which causes the frame to serve as a gigantic piece of wire.

However, a common stock grounding system consists of just a few non-braided cables that connect the chassis, engine and firewall to the negative terminal of the battery. As these connections oxidize or come loose over time, the amount of conductive material decreases, and the electrical devices have to work much harder to overcome the increased resistance.

Additional grounding cables connect the various "grounding point", or a point closest to the various components, in most of the case, directly back to the negative terminal of the battery. The result is better flow of the electrical current, via the lower resistance paths.

Even brand new cars can have problems with inadequate grounding. If you want the ultimate in everything, you should consider getting a set of high quality grounding cables like AGC that help make sure that the electrical equipments in your car perform as well as it can.

We use FULL-GAUGE oxygen-free copper cables
Our 4awg has 6.5mm diameter for the conducting core, 8awg has 4mm conducting core. Thickness of the conducting core can be often indicated by the size of the lugs used. Many after market grounding kits are made of "thick-skin" cables that come with smaller, thinner and flimsy crimped lugs. The core diameter of our 4awg cable is so thick that crimping is visually and aesthetically detested. We solder the thick and rigid tin-coated copper lugs to the cable. We are using stainless steel for distribution plate on the negative battery terminal.

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