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Advance Grounding Cable (AGC)
is the highest quality grounding cable for car in the market today. It is to replace the stock grounding cable in order to produce better flow of the electrical current back to the battery negative terminal, via the lower resistance paths in your car.

·   Intro
·   How to know your car is compatible

·   How to install on car

·   Price
·   Feedbacks from customers
·   How to buy AGC
·   Dealership enquiry

·  Easier engine starting
·  Smoother engine, due to better ignition leads to    improve fuel consumption
·  Improved power (in most of the case, gain back the    lost power due to insufficient/inefficient
   stock grounding)
·  Improved engine response (due to fewer loads on    the alternator after improving the charging
·  Improved audio quality (clearer pitch and more solid    bass)
·  Brighter and more stable head light intensity
·  More efficient air conditioning
·  Miscellaneous electrical improvements on the    gauges, sensors etc.
·  30 minutes installation


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