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I-FC 1.2 and Spev V are officially launch today. The dyno results are proving I-FC can save your fuel. Thanks to Sam Woan for the dyno project.

I-FC version 1.1 launch today. It is the 1st fuel charger that using aluminium casing as the holder.

Due to our business grow simultaneously and requested by our customer, we are planning to open a workshop in Penang in 6 months time
The all new fuel saver product, Intelligent Fuel Charger version 1.0 or as know as I-FC, has launch today to serve the needs of our customers. It is proven to save more fuel than Stromberg Power Booster
I-FC the only magnetic fuel saver that works
All the users gave positive comments. Proven by dyno. It is the only magnetic fuel saver that works in the world. Design and R&D done by Malaysian. Find it out here.
Our new product, Intelligent Voltage Stabiliser (I-VS) help to reduce fuel consumption while improve torque performance. It also protecting and enhancing electronic system in your car. Made in Malaysia. Malaysian technology. Malaysia Voltage Stabiliser. Find it out here.
Proven works
Unlike other fuel saver products, Stromberg has the machine to test the different sparx performance after installed. It is also has been awarded by the
Automobile Association of Germany (AAG) that it is amazingly invented to safe fuel and boost power, at the same time to prolong the engine and spark plug life span. Before Stromberg invented this product, it makes the carburetors for Mercedes, Volvo and Daimlers. Therefore you can be assure of this product. Currently Stromberg Power Booster having 2 factories in the world, Germany and South Africa.
Our shop accepts Master and VISA credits cards.
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